Parents Of The 17-Year-Old Girl Who Was Visiting Her Boyfriend Amid Lockdown Speak | Video

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Parents of the teenager who was captured by the cameras of UTV at Madina defying Government’s lockdown directives to visit her boyfriend break their silence. reported on a story of a 17-year-old Ghanaian girl who has been penalized by the police for defying the lockdown directive.

The President Nana Akufo Addo in his last address to the nation extended the lockdown to help curb the spread of coronavirus in the lockdown areas.

Speaking to UTV, a young Ghanaian girl who is 17 years old was penalized by the police during the lockdown for defying the President’s directive.

According to the young girl, she lives in Odorkor but she’s going to stay at her boyfriend’s place in Madina.

She explained that the condition in which she stays with her parents in Odorkor is not convenient as a result she wanted to go to her boyfriend’s place to stay there till the spread of the virus subsides.

Asked by the reporter if she informed her parents where she was going, she answered that she has informed her mother who knows about her relationship with the boyfriend but her dad is not aware.

According to the young girl, she has already slept multiple times with her boyfriend, click here to watch video of when she was captured defying the lockdown directives.

UTV again visited the family of young teenager and her parents tell what happened that made her to defy the lockdown rules.

According to the lady’s father, he didn’t know the exact time his daughter left the house after he saw him in his return from work.

He explained later that she had finished having her meals with her other 6 siblings and thought she was around the house.

Many netizens thought the media house was defaming the image of the young lady and her family but it ended up having them to solicit funds from Ghanaians.