PPP By Wanlov The Kubolor Ft M3NSA X Mind You | Listen And Download Mp3

post by: Collins for thedistin.com.
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Ghanaian rapper Wanlov The Kubolor just released his latest song titled “PPP” which some serious punches and revelations

He goes hard on Politicians, Pastors and the Police in this new song which features label mate M3NSA & Mind You.

Interestingly each of the P’s has the group that it goes to. The P’s represents Politicians, Pastors and the Police.

According to the rapper in the song, Politicians are using the relief loans of Corona to feed only themselves & party members.

Police are slapping hungry citizens & not washing their hands before or after and Pastors are waiting for covid19 to go so they can perform their miracles again and to him. he believes Coronavirus is a curse to all the evil ones.

Click here to listen and download “PPP” by Wanlov The Kubolor Ft M3NSA x Mind You