Efia Odo To Nana Addo “There’s A Political Agenda Aroma Around This Lift” | Screenshot

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Ghanaian actress, philanthropist and social media influencer Efia Odo says something smells fishy about government lifting the partial lockdown order after recording 1000+ cases

Yesterday evening the President held the 7th Nation’s address and he redefined the measures taking to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Ghanaians were thinking that probably the President was going to extend the lockdown to more weeks since the number of infected people keeps increasing rapidly.

Well, that just didn’t happen, the President lifted the lockdown instead of extended it, now if the number of cases recorded is that serious why should the President lift the ban?

Regardless of the fact that the lockdown has been lifted social gathering is still prohibited and punishable by law.

Meanwhile here is what Efia Odo has to say about all this, according to her why should government lift the partial lockdown order especially now that the country has recorded more than thousand cases.

This is rather the time the country need a complete lockdown to effectively help curb the rapid spread of the dangeruos and deadly virus.

Below is a screenshot of what she wrote on twitter yesterday evening after The President addressed Ghanaians on issues relating to COVID-19

Ban being lifted after 1000+ cases reported?. Something smells fishy or shall I say there’s a political agenda aroma around this lift.

— efiaodo (@efiaodo1) April 19, 2020

he wrote

Well this whole thing is somewhat confusing and very hard to fathom, how can the President lift off the partial lockdown at a critical moment like this.