Adwoa Airport: The Lady Obinim Chopped When She Was Menstruating

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Yesterday evening on Net 2 television, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong revealed Bishop Obinim slept with one of his church members called Adwao Airport while she was in her menses.

Before Kennedy Agyapong went ahead to reveal all these deep secrets about him, he said he was provoked by the recent video Florence Obinim posted.

Talking about him having children with so many women and she was even mocking her at the same time trying to make it look like she was praising him.

This video got the Honourable really angered which led to him releasing all the sensitive secrets about her and her husband.

The secret about Florence Obinim you never imagined, according to Kennedy Agyapong she ended up in Kumasi because her mother was mentally ill and due to that she had to stay with her aunt.

Meanwhile well staying with her aunt she was allegedly caught by this same aunt in bed with her husband and this led to her kicking her out of her house and because she had nowhere to go her friend at Atonsu a suburb of Kumasi took her in

So this is how come she ended up in Kumasi and she later found herself attending Bishop Obinim’s church.

Now about Obinim allegedly chopping Adwoa airport while she was in her menses, apparently she was the same girl he disgraced in from of the whole congregation after she told the church he slept with her while she was menstruating.

Because he didn’t want that level of disgrace on him and his church he intentionally asked her to face the church and denied everything she said and later said she wasn’t his type of girl.