Obinim Opens Up On Sleeping With Benedicta Gafah And 13 Other Ladies Alleged By Kennedy Agyapong For The First Time | Video

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Founder of God’s Way International Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim breaks his silence on allegations leveled against him of sleeping with actress Benedicta Gafah and other 13 ladies (girlfriends) by Kennedy Agyapong. He admits he has cheated on his wife but do not want pinpoint whom he slept with and says he won’t talk about his feud with Ken anymore.

Kennedy Agyapong as promised came back real hard on Angel Bishop Obinim and his wife Florence, and this time around mentioned Kumawood actress Benedicta Gafah (Empress Dictabee) as one of the many side chics the man of God has slept with.

Kennedy Agyapong had just reignited his ended beef with Obinim after Florence attacked him on social media. Watch the video by Florence that angered Kennedy Agyapong here.

The same video got popular YouTube spiritualist Nana Agraadaa to even expose Obinim more, which also started a back and forth saga between the two parties. Watch videos of Nana Agradaa and Obinim’s brawl here.

Explaining to Ghanaian journalist Kwaku Annan in an interview on Net2GH TV, Kennedy Agyapong tells how the man of God together with his wife would do unrighteous things in the dark when no one is watching.

Shocking out of everything Kennedy said on the Live program was mentioning the name of Ghanaian actress Benedicta Gafah also known Empress Dictabee as one of the girls the man of God has had an affair with, in the name of the church, click to watch video.

After the news on Kennedy Agyapong’s revelation on the number of ladies Bishop Daniel Obinim has slept with their names and pictures from his pastoral tricks went viral, Oheneba Media headed by Oheneba Agyei Animako took it upon himself to make the man of God clear the air.

Oheneba called the man of God on phone on his live show but Obinim didn’t not confirm on sleeping with a particular name of a lady as Kennedy Agyapong alleged.

Obinim admitted to having cheated on his wife, Florence Obinim, but revealed he’s never going to mention names.

He (Obinim) later detailed that his wife can base on that fact to seek for courts appeal to file for a divorce. But he noted that his wife won’t do such a thing because of the love she has for him.

Obinim said he has even been in front of his congregations in both his Accra and Kumasi churches to boldly say he has slept with other women aside Florence Obinim.

Obinim came out and promised his fans that he has ceased fire in his scuffle with Kennedy Agyapong twice. First which happened last week and the recent one which captured his young pastors kneeling and begging him not to reply to Kennedy.

Obinim also disclosed that he has given himself a 2 months break from social media which will exclude his Sunday church programs with his church.

Watch video below:


Posted by chief editor on Tuesday, 21 April 2020