“If You Know What’s Best For My Son Then Adopt Him” – Man Who Beat His Son For Failing His Exam Finally Speaks

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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A furious father who was seen in a viral video beating his son for failing his exam after he spent over $21,000 finally speaks.

The man who was identified in the video as George was formerly dressed but we can’t tell if he was leaving his house or had returned from work.

The father unleashed ultimate anger on his sons after paying $21,000 tuition only for them to fail woefully in exams, and also failing to write their Maths and English exams.

He angrily confronted his first son with dirty slaps and knocks on his head and he yielded at his other son for making his money futile in their education.

Well, Mr. George has finally come out to address people who are bashing him for disciplining his son.

According to him, he has the right to discipline his son and moreover he is staunch Christian, and an advocate for human rights.

He indicated that in as much as he slaps his son, he does it out of love and wanting the best for him.

He revealed that he wants the best for his son because he was one of the few people from his village to acquire an education and as such he wants to pass down to his next generation.

According to him, if anyone knows what’s best for his son then they should come adopt him.