“Guys You Don’t Need To Give Your Girlfriend Money, She Should Work And Get Her Own Things” – Ghanaian Lady Says

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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A Ghanaian lady on twitter with username @mzzDzifa has come to the defense guys after one guy in a video said that guys who cannot give their girlfriends GHC1000 to set up a small business are fools.

According to the guy, he will be a Jon for the lord and give his girlfriend money and spend lavishly on her.

Well, most guys on the internet reacted negatively to the guy’s comment.

However, the lady name MzzDzifa of the opposite view indicating that guys don’t need to give their girlfriend’s money.

According to the young lady, if you are a girl and you need something, then work and get them yourself.

She added that the guy can helo his girlfriend if he needs it and it applies both ways.

She questioned;

” what’s if the guy gave his girlfriend GHC1000 and the guy also needs GHC1000

from his girlfriend, will she give him…?

She wrote;

Guys you don’t need to give ur gf Money.. she should work n get her own things. If she needs ur help u can CHOOSE to help or not n vise Versa! What’s all this give 1000gh to ur gf about?? Ok what abt the guy? He also needs 1000gh will u give? Let’s not be selfish pls