”Your tenure of Office was the worst” Bawumia Tells John Dramani Mahama

post by: Hadjira for thedistin.com.
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Ghanaian Economist, Politician, Banker, and the current vice president of Ghana, has referred the former president ” John Dramani Mahama” to the records of his poor governance in ruling the people of Ghana.

The former president, His Excellency ”John Dramani Mahama” has been of great help to his people in the fight of this disease, ever since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. He encouraged Ghanaians, to listen to the current president” Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo” in his decision and to also adhere to the directives he has put in place to help maintain the spread of the disease.

This had actually gotten the leading party ” NPP” complaining about the fact that, the flag bearer of the NDC ” John Dramani Mahama has on several occasions, made statements to Ghanaians, claiming he is more competent and ready to change the poor work of the current government when given the mandate.

“This time in the life of our country is not the time for politics. We are facing a global pandemic and the focus of the President as we have all seen, has been leading and making sure the right things are done to protect the lives of Ghanaians. This has been the focus of the President and generally, the focus of the government,”

“That notwithstanding, we have seen that the former President John Mahama has been making a number of statements and many of these statements have been proven not to be true or when you look at the data, they are not true,”

“I will like us to all recall that the NDC was in government for eight years. They may think that we have short memories but we can still remember very clearly that after eight years that they had in government demonstrating their prowess in managing this country and the economy, what did they leave us with?”

“They left us with declining agriculture, declining industry, interest rates were high, inflations was high. In fact if you look at the data in terms of macro economic performance, in any economy since the year 2000, the tenure of the former President was the worst in terms of outcomes in macro economic performance.”

“That’s the data; it is not me saying it. The banking system was weak, unemployment was rising, our national health insurance was back to cash and carry. We had four years of dumsor with its devastating impact on our economy. And notwithstanding that, electricity prices were being increased by an average of 45% between 2010 and 2015. Our public finances were in a precarious state of course, that resulted in us having to go to the IMF for a bailout and policy credibility. Prices were being increased and there was a freeze on public sector recruitment. Cuts in allowances for lecturers, abolishing of nursing and teacher training allowances and even for teachers who had worked for two, three years, they were being paid for just three months of allowance. Common chalk was even a problem in our schools”.

He stated.

He questioned the former president, asking if he has forgotten the unproductive and mishandled work he did in his governance. He was of the view that Ghanaians should not be deceived by a high state person like him but rather be open-minded to be able to choose wisely.

He used this opportunity to outline the remarkable works done by the current president” Nana Addo Danquah Akuffu- Addo”.

“Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo took over the reigns of government in 2017. After over three years in office, he has been able to manage the transformation of this country and we have been able to perform much, much better than the situation we inherited,”
“When it comes to the data, it has been very clear. Agricultural growth, we have performed better, interest rate, we did perform better, exchange rate depreciation, we have performed better. When it comes to the creation of jobs, over 350,000 jobs in the public sector and more in the private sector. When it comes to jobs, we have performed better. We have restored the teacher and nursing trainee allowances.”
“Today if you go for passport and drivers license application, there is no wahala involved. We have digitized and transformed the place so there is no wahala. Renewal of NHIS membership that used to be a problem where people queued up at district offices for days, today you can do it online on your mobile phone. Online business registration at registration general, we have also digitized the courts through an e-justice programmes.” 

Dr Bawumia stated