COVID-19: A Nigerian Citizen Revealed She Had Affair With Her Landlord To Feed Her Family Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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A Nigerian citizen has requested Vivian Valerian Raphael ”facebook counselor” to reveal how she got involved with her landlord in order to care for her husband and kids. She made this request with a condition which is for her identity to be kept away from the public.

According to her, it was a very tough decision for her to make but had no option than to allow herself into such a mess. She claimed that she has been taking care of her family with her little salary as a result of her husband being unemployed for two years.

She stated that, she needs the public to help her find solutions to her current situation as things are getting out of hand. She accepted the fact that, what she did was wrong and plead with people to not judge her but to suggest to her some ways she could use in curbing this problem.

”Good evening ma. Hide my id please. My marriage is 10 years with 3 kids. My husband is 44 years, I am 32 years. I beg you all don’t blame me much. I just needed solutions on how to help myself, because I have started hating myself. My husband lost his job in the last two years and since then, I have been feeding the house with my salary. I did something I never wanted to do in this Corona period. I don’t have any money to cook anything at home and no one to talk to, no water for my children to drink. We started drinking borehole water. I kept putting my account number on madam Cynthia give away post but I wasn’t lucky at all. Our landlord has been making advances at me for long and I ignored him. My parents look up to me for help and I didn’t even give them anything at all. I and my family I stayed two days without anything and I left to ask my landlord for money to see if he can help me. All my neighbors I went to for help, nobody gave me anything. I lied to my husband let me go and see my brother’s friend to know if she can help us. My landlord’s wife and kids stay abroad.

He lives two houses away from us. When I got to his place, he brought up the topic again and I told him that I can’t do it, he promised to give me 20k free and some provisions. I know what I did is wrong and my conscience is killing me badly. I can’t watch my three children cry anymore and I gave in and he refused he won’t use protection. I have been asking God to forgive me. If they paid us in school where I teach before discharging us I won’t have fallen into such. I am a shadow of myself now ma.

Three days ago, our compound people had a meeting with him. Nepa people came to cut our light because of the old bill we didn’t settle. If you see the way he humiliated my husband because he gave his own suggestions because he knows our situation covered my face in shame. I wish I never did what I did. My husband is not on social media. Please help me post for advice.”

she stated