COVID-19: A Fully Recovered COVID-19 Patient Stigmatized And Denied Access To Her Business In Bolgatanga

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It has been reported that, a female resident of Bolgatanga has been facing stigmatization as a result of being a victim of Covid-19. Matilda Agamu who was once tested positive for COVID-19 is not allowed to run her business in the town. Despite the fact that, she has been certified to be fully recovered, members of the community criticize her and her family because of the fear, she could transmit it to other people.

According to the 34-years old pregnant woman, her situation in the community got out of hand after her picture was uploaded on social media indicating that, she had contracted the disease.

She further elaborated on the fact that, her little daughter has also being affected as she is being thrown a stone at her whenever she steps out of the home.

This woman has been affected as she can not run her own business in the town, neither can she also go out to run her daily errands.

Considering her situation, she has been asked to stay home safely until she delivers. However, she would be given medical attention to attain the safe delivery of her child and in good condition.