Most Cases Recorded In The New Updates Are From An Industrial Company || Ghana Health Service ||

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The confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ghana is on the rise as the recorded cases have now reached the peak of the curve. On the 8th of May 2020, the recorded cases shoot up to 4,012. This got Ghanaian citizens to panic as they never expected such a high increment within a few days.

According to the Ghana Health Service, 500 cases out of the 921 cases recorded were obtained from an industry situated in Accra, which still remains the epicenter of the outbreak with the highest recorded cases among the other regions.

In their updates on coronavirus,

“between the last update on May 4, 2020, and the current update, a total of 921 additional cases have been recorded”.

“Over 50 percent of these cases were as a result of an outbreak in an industrial facility with 1,300 workers of which 533 have been confirmed positive.”

Ghana Health Service indicated

Check out the breakdown of recorded cases in each region

Greater Accra Region- 3,436 cases

Ashanti Region- 210 cases

Eastern Region- 96 cases

Central Region- 58 cases

Western North – 56 cases

Western Region- 35 cases

Volta Region- 32 cases

Upper East Region- 26 cases

Oti Region- 24 cases

Upper West- 20 cases

Northern Region- 16 cases

North East- 2 cases

Bono- 1 case

Currently, the total number of confirmed cases is 4,012 with 303 recoveries and 18 death toll

Ghanaians have become worried as Ghana is now in a critical phase of this deadly virus pandemic. The government hereby urges all citizens to adhere to the precautionary measures put in place to combat the disease. All social gatherings also should be suspended until the spread of the disease is controlled.

Various Companies and industries in the country should also strictly monitor and motivate all employees to adhere to the preventive measures which include, proper handwashing, usage of sanitizers, social distancing, and the wearing of nose masks.