High Nurses Coronavirus Infection Rate In UER Is A Hindrance To Quality Health Care Production

post by: Hadjira for thedistin.com.
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There has been a high increment in coronavirus infection among the health service providers in the Upper East Regional hospitals. Apparently, eight of the staff working in the hospital contracted this deadly virus. This was revealed by the Head of Administration ”Mr. Zakariah Yakubu,” in an interview with Ghana News Agency. Considering this, the Ghana Health Service has stated that, their infection rate could be a hindrance in delivering proper health services to the people in the region.

According to Mr. Zakariah Yakubu, all staff who were exposed to the infection through the production of healthcare services were quarantined for two weeks whereas staff testing for this virus is in progress. He further clarified that, the attendance of clients to the hospital has become minimal hence, health care would be provided with proper adherence to the preventive measures put in place to curb the disease.

In the recent updates of the Ghana Health Service, the total cases recorded in the Upper West Region is 26. Out of the 168 samples taken recently, seven individuals tested positive, 6 of which are confirmed from those that came into contact with the affected persons, and the remaining one reported from the routine surveillance.

So far in the region, two death cases have been recorded. The second death case, was recorded on the exact day sample of the patient was taken for investigation and it turned out positive. This occurred on 26 of April 2020. Only five districts in the Upper East Region have reported confirmed cases of this virus. These districts include  Bawku, Kassena-Nankana Municipalities, the Bawku West,  Bolgatanga, and Pusiga Districts.

Out of the 26 cases recorded, four patients have recovered and retested negative. This involves the pregnant woman who was discharged and three other people in the sub-districts.

Considering the contact tracing in the municipality of Bawku, four people tested positive out of the 26 samples taken for thorough investigations.

In Bawku West District, one person tested positive after 6 samples of suspected individuals were taken for laboratory investigations.

The district with the highest recorded cases is Bolgatanga, which is known as the regional capital of the Upper East Region of Ghana. Out of 412 cases recorded, 18 cases turned out positive with 36 results pending.

No confirmed cases have been recorded Bongo District and Builsa North and South but two results from the suspected samples taken, are pending.