COVID-19: Unity Among Leaders Of The African Countries Would Help Combat Coronavirus Pandemic

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The Entrepreneurs of all the African Countries worldwide, have conducted an urgent meeting in order to contribute and suggest intelligent ways which would aid in the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. This conference titled ” ‘African Vs Virus Challenge’ International Conference”,  included some big innovations such as the Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multi-Donor Trust Fund, Luvent Consulting Agency, African Development Bank (AfDB) Innovation and some other agencies of the African Countries.

At the conference which went on for about 72 hours, they elaborated on how unity among the leaders of the various countries including Political leaders and other business parties is greatly needed in order to combat this deadly virus. This was put forward in consideration of its effects on the health of Africans, the development of the various countries, and other socioeconomic impacts, worldwide.

According to the press release of the board, this conference which included about 25,000 African innovators, was held to as well empower and educate other young and upcoming entrepreneurs, to maintain and properly control the growth of their businesses amid COVID19.

However, a team of experts has been developed to help bring out innovative ideas to control the rapid spread of the virus which would be implemented in all African Countries with the help of development gurus and innovators.

At the meeting, the emphasized on how PPEs like nose mask could be produced from recycled materials, how the information would be disseminated in this critical phase of the disease, using drones, how citizens would adhere to precautionary measures on regular hand washing, wearing of nose masks and the usage of hand sanitizers.

They as well looked at various factors in the countries which include, entertainment, business, and the economy, energy and food security, public health and epidemiology, environment, and populations that are vulnerable to this deadly coronavirus.