“he’s not mature” Lilwin Jabs Funny Face In UTV interview | Says He Will Beat Him Up

post by: Juanita for thedistin.com.
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The feud between comic actor Lil Win and his colleague Funny Face became topic of discussion when Funny Face dared Lil Win to say ‘fii’ and he will reveal his top secrets on social media.

The two began dragging each other on social media after Lil Win claimed in an interview with Zion Felix that Funny Face doesn’t deserve the award of a favorite actor.

After dragging each other on social media for a while and when Funny Face dared Lil Win, Lil Win decided not to reply to him but in a video sighted online, he (Lil Win) has reacted to the beef.

According to him, he never said what became the basis of their beef with anger, but rather it was just a joke but Funny Face took it very seriously hence attacking him and his business.

Lil Win also went ahead to disclosed that when Funny Face tries attacking his family because of their little beef, he will beat him physically.

video below;