COVID-19: Lady Narrates A Story On How Coronavirus Lockdown Saved Her Friend

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A story of a Nigerian lady who nearly got married to an already married man without her knowing he had a wife but was saved due to coronavirus lockdown has been revealed by her friend.

According to her friend whose name is yet to be identified, the victim met a man who claimed he was single and had no family. He informed her that, he was a businessman who is into buying and selling.

Falling for this man, her friend accepted his proposal and was set for marriage on the 28th April 2020 which was amid the lockdown period.

According to the lady, her friend received a call on his phone in his absence and she found out that it was the man’s kid that was calling. Asking the child about the man, she was then informed that, the man had been married for years with kids abroad but came down to Nigeria to look after his mum as her condition wasn’t good.

Her friend after knowing this has canceled the marriage and has cut off ties with him as she has been deceived due to her status.

@chocolatemepire tweeted: “Thank God 4 COVID-19.

A friend’s wedding was meant to be on the 28th of April, because of COVID-19 it didn’t hold.

Fast forward to yesterday and she picked up his phone (it was the man’s kids outside the country).

“It’s a lie oga stays abroad and married to a white woman, oh, only came back to see his sick mum in December. How did they meet: online and he wanted to marry her because she’s a lawyer. Some men eh.”

The woman tweeted