“I warned Badu Kobi not to sacrifice his son for powers,” Rev. Owusu Bempah Reveals More Secrets

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The leader and founder of Glorious Word and Power Ministry Apostle Dr. Owusu Bempah reveals deeper secrets about Prophet Badu Kobi

He said he has known Badu Kobi for so many years and as time went by he realized a few changes in his behavior

According to him, Prophet Badu Kobi became a very close friend of Bishop Angel Obinim and he warned him about the kind of person he has become friends with

But before that he had already been warned by a pastor in USA who knew him quite better than he did

A few months after he had a revelation that he(Badu Kobi) was going to use his son for ritual in order to become more powerful to start his own church

So he sent someone to warn him which he also didnt hid to

As a spiritual father, he called him, they both sat down and while talking he warned him not to finish what he has started and even advised him to bring his son to the church for him to be healed but that advice fell on death ears

As time went on he(Owusu Bempah) started speaking ill against him so he decided to tarnish his image by plotting a gay rumor about him and also paid a young woman and her child to accuse him of sleeping with both of them

As if that wasn’t enough, they also poisoned a fresh and a lump of attractive meat for me to eat and die but someone called me the same day they decided to execute the plan which saved my life

Now a lot of things are happening in this country to the extent that some so called men of God are the real evil Christians should be afraid of

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