Ray James Of RuffTown Records Exposes Bullet On Zion Felix Show Calls Him A Liar After He Accused Him Of Ongoing Beef Between Fantana And Wendy Shay | Video


Ray James on Zion Felix YouTube channel exposes bullet calls him a liar after bullet told zion Felix that he’s to blame for the ongoing beef between Fantana and Wendy Shay

According to him he does not understand why Bullet is accusing him of what is going on

Bullet threathens to sack Fantana from his record label. Click here to read

Here’s why Bullet is choosing Wendy Shay over Fantana. Click here to read

Which could only mean that bullet might be looking for someone to shift either attention or blame on

He also confirmed that Fantana’s mother showed interest in signing him after Bullet told her he wants an investor to invest in him(Ray James)

Well the truth is always like pregnancy, you can never hide it forever

We are still hear patiently waiting for more revelations

Below is the full interview

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