Shatta’s Blogger Kimlykesseh Blasts Sarkodie And His Manager Angel Town Ask Them To Apologize To Shatta Wale To End Beef | Screenshot

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Ghanaian blogger Kimlykesseh descends on Sarkodie and his manager for acting bossy and not making peace with Shatta Wale

A few hours ago he took to twitter to call Sarkodie’s manager a lazy man due to the fact that he is not seeing the benefit of his artiste and Shatta smoking the peace pipe

According to him, he’s not interested in who disrespected who first, putting ego and brand aside and doing what needs to be done is the most inportant thing right now

Below is the lengthy message he wrote on twitter to them

A good and lovely day to all Sarknatives. I don’t care if I’m being trolled or not but the truth must be said the way and manner it’s ought to be said. I can feel it in my bone marrow that, many faithful and loyal fans of SARK thinks this should be solved a long time ago

I will say it here and now without any iota of fear that, Sarkodie’s manager is a very lazy one at that. And it’s about time SARK starts doing the needful no matter what. It’s been some days, weeks, and months since the misunderstanding broke out between Sarkodie and Shatta Wale and the management of Sarkodie couldn’t see any good reasons to reconcile them and you have the nerves to call yourself a creative artist manager?

Big shame on you Mr. Lazy manager. Please let’s speak truth to the word and let SARK wake up from his slumber and do the needful before it’s too late. I can say on authority that, things are falling apart around you and your career is not getting any better

Please! Sarkodie, get off your high horse and do the needful by apologizing to your brother Shatta Wale. I for one, don’t want to know what brings about the misunderstanding. But all I am interested in is for you to make peace with your brother Shatta Wale

Please! Please and Please! Forget about your so-called branding and for once do the honorable thing. Let it be written down in history that, you are the first big artist in Ghana to make peace with your brother in the industry

Believe you me, if you and your lazy manager who refuses to think out of the box, do exactly the nonsense I have suggested, the generation now and generation to come will surely remember you and respect you forever

SARK! Shatta was like a brother to you call him for you guys to meet and discuss this like the two matured Show businessmen that you guys are. And also make a song to that effect. And trust me, everything about you and your career will change greatly for the better

I am not your fan as one may put it but above all, I am a proud Ghanaian who is always happy to see you guys giving us good vibes of music with a united front. #SARKPROVEYOURSELF

he wrote

Below is the post on twitter