Jude Okoye Finally Responds To Allegations Against Him By Cynthia Morgan Saying He Killed Her Career | Video

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North Side Inc CEO Jude Okoye responds to Cynthia Morgan’s claims that he killed her career

Just in case you are now following the story. Click here to read what Cynthia Morgan said about Jude Okoye

A few minutes after she revealed this, here is how her fans and Nigerians reacted. Click here to read

Speaking to Nigerians blogger Tundeednut he said how can she blame him for her own failure

According to him, he stopped working with the “Don’t Break My Heart” hitmaker in 2017 says she has been free since last three years

He also said he never prevented her from using her stage name Cynthia Morgan that when she told him she wants to change it to Madrina which means “Godmother” he kicked against it

He further said, he shot 13 music videos for her each costing N2.5m and that was the only reason why he didn’t allow her to leave the record label because he wanted to make his monies back as every ordinary businessman would

He also revealed that she has been performing on various stages without the labels knowledge

Now if that is true regardless of the misunderstanding between her and the record label she could face serious charges

below is the video