Fine Boy Corners Salma Mumin And Moesha Boduong In Viral Video, This Is What People Are Saying

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Two of our favorite Slay Queens are here with something for us to talk about as one fine guy presses them both!

In a new video that’s hit social media, Salma and Moesha who recently quashed their beef are spotted slaying [as usual] with a mystery man who kisses them on their cheeks simultaneously several times.

Meanwhile, Instagram blogger those_called_celebs thinks more than just kisses went down tho;

Mani bre me lawyer boys no ????? by dis time…. konto full ??? Moesha go take…2 ..salma go take 3 and my lawyer go take 5 cuz nani bre ade3 kama ? plsss give de left over guy to me eeerrr?? ???? abeg??? ago manage one liadat ???

those_called_celebs wrote.

Watch Moesha and Salma do their thing in the video below and tell us what you think in the comments section.