Hajia4reall Dating Her Friend Nadia’s Ex-boyfriend? After She Snatched Her Baby Daddy From Her and More

post by: Juanita for thedistin.com.
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Ghanian actress and model Mona knew as Hajia4reall has been alleged to be dating her best friend Nadia’s ex-boyfriend after she snatched her baby daddy from her.

Instagram blogger Cutie_Julls that the lady Hajia4reall’s baby daddy celebrated two days ago as she turns plus one happens to be Hajia4reall’s friend Nadia.

Rumors also have it that Hajia4reall is now dating her friend Nadia’s ex-boyfriend and the two are behaving like friends on social media but enemies in real life.

According to a blogger identified as thosecalledcelebs, the two friends are capable of doing anything even to the extent of sharing the same man therefore these rumors of they dating each other’s ex isn’t surprising.

screenshots below;