Two Videos Of Daniel, Duncan Williams’ Son Chopping Girls Hits The Internet

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Twitter will not shut up over this video of Archbishop Duncan Willams’ son, Daniel flaunting n!ked girls and getting intimate with them.

Who Is Daniel Duncan William?

Daniel is the last born of popular and very respected Ghanaian preacher and man of God, Archbishop Duncan Willams.

This is not the first time Daniel has gotten into trouble this huge, …he’s been arrested severally, seen smoking weed on social media, see that video here, and this once he talked about acting in Abonsam cartoons. read on that here.

Well, In a series of new videos fast going viral on social media, Daniel is seen in very needless positions flexing girls and whatnot!

The first video saw him in a pool with two ladies doing their own thing, see that video here, and the second video was with another one on a bed, see that video here.

While we wait to see if the father or family of Daniel will come out to say anything about these videos and his behavior, tell us what you think in the comments section.