This Photo Of Keche Andrew And His Millionaire Wife Joana Gyan Takes Over Social Media

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Keche Andrew of Keche music duo and his millionaire wife Joana Gyan have taken over social media after he shared some romantic photos of themselves.

Keche Andrew posted the photo of himself chopping love with his millionaire wife Joana on Instagram and that got tongues wagging.

Some netizens are still asking whether he really loves his wife or he’s just doing all that because of the money and benefit he will gain from her.

As if he knew such questions will be raised, he gave an epic reply as he captions the photo saying even if everyone dislikes him, he knows he has God and the angel in his arms his wife.

Everybody can dislike me no problem …, Will be fine knowing I have GOD in heaven and this angel in my arms…… #leaveTomorrow to take care of it self #highsense #BestMusicduo #SkillTeam #colourfullifestyle? #hashtag #today #samegirl #odo #SoonDrop….. THE world can say whatever…. I came alone …..GLASS UP, cheers ? to prosperity

he wrote