‘This is how I laugh at those who think they’re tarnishing my image’ – Gloria Safo To Critics

post by: Juanita for thedistin.com.
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Actress Gloria Safo has once again reacted to criticism after she shared a photo of herself with actor Mikky Osei popularly known as Dada Boat saying she laughs when they think they are tarnishing her image.

The actress upon all the backlash shared another photo of herself with Dada Boat laughing her heart out saying that is how she laughs if anyone thinks he/she is tarnishing her image with their comments.

She went on to state that she has not gone for anyone’s husband and also she knows her worth therefore there is nothing critics will say that will break her down.

Adding that love conquers all which means the actress is aware of what she’s doing and probably has nothing sexually to do with her colleague as she hasn’t said anything about dating him.

Some social media users believes she’s just doing that to promote a movie or something as she said in her interview on Peace FM that she will never put her relationship on social media.

This is how I laugh at those who think they’re tarnishing my image ?????????
secondly, I know my worth??
And lastly, love conquers all❤?❤
Let’s continue to stay safe family???
Have a great week ahead?

she wrote

photo below;