‘Pls Jesus forgive me I promise I won’t sing supuu again’ – Wendy Shay Prays After The Earth Tremor

post by: Juanita for thedistin.com.
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Rufftown Records label signee Wendy Shay has said a word of prayer asking God to forgive her all her sins claiming she won’t sing ‘supuu’ again after the earth tremor.

Yesterday, some part of Accra was hit by the earth tremor and the singer while reacting to that asked God for forgiveness if He was coming last night.

The singer who seemed a bit scared based on her words also made a promise to God by claiming she won’t sing ‘supuu’ again.

The question is, is it just words she wrote or she will indeed not sing ‘supuu’ again and change to either sing gospel or do something else.

Did u guys feel the earth shake ? Pls Jesus forgive me all my sins if you coming tonight..I promise I won’t sing supuu again

she wrote

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