Police Arrest Ritualist For Kidnapping And Attempting To Murder Young Muslim Girl For Rituals|Video


A fetish priest who is yet to be identified has been captured by the police, after kidnapping and making an innocent young girl unconscious and charmed to be used for sacrifice to his gods.

A video of the fetish priest recorded in the area of the incident, when uploaded on social media by nostorytv has gone viral on all other platforms and has got users reacting to the cruel act of the fetish priest.

Considering the observations made in the video, the actions of the priest in an attempt to murder the girl he kidnapped was halted after the police and the residents came to her rescue and to arrest the ritualist.

In order to make the charmed and motionless girl conscious as ordered by the police and residents, he chanted and jumped over her motionless body so many times, after which she screamed and regain full consciousness.

The plans of the fetish priest to sacrifice this girl were revealed when a resident saw him kidnapping the girl and reported it to the police after which they were deployed to go his place of rituals to save her and arrest him to face the law.

post by: Hadjira for thedistin.com.
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