Here’s What Kaywa Says About Some Confused Celebrities Who Are Now Born Again Christians


Ghanaian veteran producer Kaywa who’s the CEO of Highly Spiritual Music during an Interview with Amansan Krakye On GBC Radio central says this about being born again

According to him being born again doesn’t mean you should stop whatever work you are doing and establish a church just because you are a born again Christian

When we talk about going into full-time ministry I want to put a good explanation to it. Full-time ministry means that if you have accepted Christ as your savior then you must do God’s work. The work of God is not only subjected to someone who is wearing clerical or cross chains and portraying themselves as pastors.

But the moment you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, that’s the moment you started doing God’s work. This means that the purpose for which you are living today is not for your personal gain but to bring others to feel the grace. The grace which was gifted to you freely must be shared for others to also receive grace. So if you’ve accepted Jesus then you are into full-time ministry and the reward is for God and that is what my ministry stands for

What makes some people unable to get closer to God is that they think their job doesn’t allow them to do the work of God. But any job that you find yourself doing remembers you’re into full ministry already as you’ve accepted Christ. So if someone says God has directed me to stop my job and follow Him as for me I don’t really get it because he calls you in the very place he wants you to affect lives

So if you’re a secular artiste and God calls you, the reason that has happened is for you to affect the lives of your fans and followers. It doesn’t mean you should separate yourself somewhere and establish your church where you be limited to just a few people. That’s why Jesus didn’t leave his throne but rather left his glory and honor in heaven to descend to the very below on the earth and bless others by stripping himself of all the credentials”

he said

below is the full video

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