Police Arrest Footballer For Killing Colleague With Magic Ring In Nigeria


A footballer “Lateef Ahmed” in the Lwo community of Osun State has been apprehended by police of the state for killing his friend with a magic ring following a scuffle that occurred between them amid a football match at St Mary’s Grammar School football field.

Though the reason behind the misunderstanding has not yet been confirmed, it was reported that that, the victim became unconscious after he got hit with the ring.

He was then rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment but was confirmed dead on arrival. Owner of the magic ring ” “Lateef Ahmed” tried several times to revive him but all his attempts failed.

The family of the deceased failed to allow an autopsy to be done, hence requesting to have the lifeless body for burial.

According to Vanguard, Yemisi Opalola ” PRO” of the police command has confirmed and indicated that thorough investigations would be made to rule out the truth and to make the convict pay for his crimes.

He further explained that, per the religious beliefs of the deceased’s family, they denied autopsy and took the lifeless body for burial.

post by: Hadjira for thedistin.com.
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