Anas Aremeyaw Anas Breaks Silence On Public Criticisms Against His Latest Documentary

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Ghana’s renowned and undercover journalist, ” Anas Aremeyaw Anas” has broken silence on the public criticisms made by the public regarding the exposure of coronavirus Quacks and thieves, indicating that his documentary released was to protect his people from fake, unhealthy and unapproved herbal medicines produced amid COVID-19.

Ghanaians reacting to the video which was showed on TV3 felt disappointed as it did not meet what they perceived to see in the video. Ever since the outbreak of the disease pandemic, Ghana has recorded a high number of cases which caused fear into the heart of Ghanaians.

A few months later, another high number of recoveries were recorded just a few times which made some Ghanaians skeptical about the numbers revealed to the public.

Some citizens think that this coronavirus issue is fake due to their mindset that some Ghanaian authorities just want to use it as a medium to make millions of cedis.

Ghanaians were happy when an announcement was made about the exposure to be made by Anas because they thought some dealings of some authorities but his exposure had nothing to do with some public figures which actually had not captured their involvement making Ghanaians feel very disappointed.

“I presume people want to say that bring down the politician,” he observed.

“But if you go into history, you’ll realise that these are stories I do.”

Anas explained in an interview on TV3 news with Martin Asiedu-Dartey

Anas indicated that he has taken upon himself to expose dealings of people which affect the citizens and not to target an individual’s parochial interest for investigative and controversial purposes.

“You are telling me to forget everything about the pandemic and because you have political interest and you want to see a politician fall.

“I should just follow my instincts when my grandmother is thinking of how to cure herself of the pandemic; when things that are supposed to be for the general public are being stolen by certain people.

“Is it somebody’s parochial interest of assassinating or bringing someone down or what will serve the general public and put us in a good light?”

Anas Explained and quizzed

“We were all in a statement of panic especially when you have a pandemic you don’t have a cure for and years of experience tell me that this is how criminals thrive. They look at a situation and take advantage of it.

“So I knew definitely that you were going to find people who were [in this].”

He added

He ended by leaving a word that, an upshot for the recent documentary released would be disclosed soon.