Arnold Asamoah Baidoo Counter Replies Bulldog After He Blasted Stonebwoy Over His Comment On Artist Manager

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Entertainment pundit and journalist, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoundit, has counter replied Bulldog after he blasted Stonebwoy over his comment on artist managers.

Saturday 27th June 2020, Stonebwoy appeared on Nana Ama McBrown’s ‘United Showbiz’ show on UTV and stated that he doubts any artiste manager in Ghana can show a certificate backing their profession.

Stonbwoy’s comment pushed artist manger, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, well known as Bulldog, to take to social media to register his displeasure which he stated that what 1GAD said was so unfortunate, disrespectful and unschooled.

Few hours after Bulldog’s comment, Entertainment pundit and writer, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has stepped in and responded to Bulldog.

In a lenghty post on Facebook, Arnold recounted how Bulldog sometime ago almost shut him down, telling him I had no right to speak on matters relating to an artiste managing.

Dear Bulldog,

I read your brilliant piece, your rejoinder to Stonebwoy’s commentary about the certification of Artistes Managers in the space.

I felt your pain and disappointment in that commentary and trust me, I do sympathize with you.

There’s one thing you wrote that resonated with me; the fact that we should respect each other’s role in this space.

With humility, let me just refresh your memory on how you have consistently disregarded my contribution as an entertainment journalist and a pundit to especially, matters to do with Artiste – Manager relationship.

Just a few weeks ago on the show (United Showbiz), you and Bullet almost shut me down, telling me I had no right to speak on the matter, because, according to you, I had no experience in managing any artiste.

You see, my boss, at that moment and all the moments you questioned my positioning to speak on such related matters, you didn’t show me and all other journalists the needed respect.

You failed to acknowledge the fact that, as journalists in this trade and as pundits of many years in this same business, we have attained some stripes to be able to give valuable contributions to issues concerning our space.

We may not also have ‘certificates’ in Artiste Management, but at least, we have learnt, monitored and researched enough to know what is appropriate or otherwise in this space.

I am also a proud entertainment journalist and a pundit and my level of experience and longevity in this business gives me that right and the necessary skill to contribute to any discussion that pertains to our sector.

So, with all humility and reverence, let your admonition to Stonebwoy be a constant reminder whenever you entertain the thought of shutting me or any other journalist/pundit down for the desire to speak on Artiste Management.

Like you wrote, let us respect the role of each other in this space.

Let’s continue this healthy debate on the show as always.

I love you, boss!

He wrote.