Gloria Sarfo And Ola Micheal Descend On Yvonne Nelson After Her Verbal Attack |Video

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Ghanaian TV presenter Gloria Osei Sarfo has finally reacted to the verbal attacks of Ghanaian actress, model, ” Yvonne Nelson”, following advisory comments made by Gloria Sarfo, about Yvonne Nelson’s post on Twitter, indicating that the entertainment industry is filled with jealousy and hatred among colleagues.

Yvonne Nelson’s tweet about her dissatisfaction with such attitude in the industry got her fams and people of the media reacting , as some of them do believe she takes much priority in exactly what she is complaining about,

Ghanaian writer and director, Kobi Rana, in his reply to Yvonne’s tweet, complained about her attitude of not helping her colleagues in the industry.

 “An INDUSTRY full of HATE & JEALOUSY. Learn to love one another and see how God will BLESS you!”

Yvonne Tweeted

“You have never posted or supported anybody’s movie in your entire life. Today, you cry about support. Let us not preach LOVE and practice otherwise. We are ALL involved in making the INDUSTRY strong”,

Kobi Rana , to remind her of practicing the opposite of what she wishes to see in the industry, posted on his scial media platform.

Gloria Sarfo, having come across Kobi’s Statements, decided to share a post to clarify Kobi’s misconceptions and hence, leave a message to encourage full support in the industry, as Yvonne Nelson stated but not to counteract her complains.

“Well I understand where Kobi is coming from, cos truthfully, that was the impression almost everyone of us had about Yvonne honestly but I guess things have changed now, maybe our sister has realised it’s not a good thing, and she is calling for a change in that direction”

Gloria Sarfo posted

With the feeling of being attacked by Gloria and not understanding what her intentions were, Yvonne Nelson replied Gloria Sarfo in a harsh tone.

”with the whole industry! Most hate me anyways. I learnt the hard way and started my own productions. Stop sounding bitter, learn to love, just because yu haven’t seen your movie on my page doesn’t mean I don’t support people…I know y’all cant stand me. Ive known since i started acting charley. I hear all the stuff said behind my back, y’all see me and smile with me. I know you all”.

Yvonne Nelson Replied Gloria Sarfo

Gloria Sarfo, to not induce any beef but to maintain peace, has clarified her statements, directing a message to Yvonne nelson to be calm as she never sent her post to induce her anger but to call out on her colleagues in the industry to support each other.

She further revealed that she has always been a fan of Yvonne Nelson and has worked on promoting some of her movie projects on her social media platforms, out of her own will, to be able to push her brand, so, has been surprised about her reactions to her harmless comments.

Ola Michael in an interview on Peace Fm, elaborated more on what actually transpires, indicating that, Yvonne Nelson has been on the people in the entertainment industry, who does not support people but rather needs others and colleagues in the industry to support her.

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