Here’s What Salma Mumin Says About Married Men Chopping And Sponsoring Young Girl | Watch Video

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Actress Salma Mumin shares her thought on married men dating young girls and showering them with gifts and money on Neat FM

During the interview, the show host Ola Michael asked her why do young girls agree to date married men knowing very well that they are married

She answered by saying society should stop blaming the young girls for dating such men because they are the ones who propose to the ladies and she sees no fault in those beautiful girls accepting to be with them for money

She added that the fact that the men are married and matured enough to know that he is married and shouldn’t be dating young girls is something society should start paying attention to as well

She further said, she is a business woman and she building her own house with her own money as she advertises her new clothing line

Below is the video