Lydia Forson Reveals The Identity Of A Man, Threating Her Life Over A Post. |Photo

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Lydia Forson, Ghanaian actress, writer, and producer, has exposed a man who has been threatening her life following her post about the ruling party which is the NPP.

According to the entrepreneur, the exposed man threatened to deal with her for the post she put on her social media platform.

“Why are people having to pay $150 dollars for another test at the airport, when they’re already required to test 72hrs before departure and show a certificate before boarding?!! My comrades from 2014-2016 where are you? Wake up, it’s time to start speaking up ?!! There’s too much we can’t be quiet about anymore!!!I’ve had to be careful about the things I say for so long because of things I’ve suffered silently, but come on is GHANA not for all of us?! !” she posted

In her exposure, she uploaded the picture of the man who threatened her, adding that, she needs help to apprehend him so he can show her exactly how he would want to deal with her.

“Please whose family member is this? He says he will make sure I don’t get away with the “shit” I post. Who’s willing to help us meet so he shows me exactly how”.she added