Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s Daughter Blasts Stacy Amoateng For Destroying His Marriage To His Fourth Wife, Akua GMB I Video

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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Adu Safowaah, an actress/television host has rained insults on Okyeame Quophi’s wife, Stacy Amoateng, for allegedly collapsing the marriage between Dr. Kwaku Oteng and Akua GMB.

Dr Kwaku Oteng’s self proclaimed daughter, Adu Safowaah has completely gone ballistic on Stacy Amoateng (Executive Director of the Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN), calling her a demon, an evil person, a snitch, a gossip and any other negative thing one can think of.

Adu Safowaa’s anger was triggered after she tried getting some fliers printed with help from her father’s network and Stacy Amoateng refused to allow the job to be done.

Stacy obviously has a problem with Safowaa and thus refused to allow the fliers to be printed. This set her off bigtime.

She took to social media to record a video response to Stacy Amoateng, completely tearing into her.

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Safowaah said Stacy Amoateng is an evil person who destroyed her friend’s marriage to steal her job.

She revealed that she knows all the evil things Stacy did, such as going to gossip lies about her friend (Akua GMB) to her husband until she destroyed her so-called friend’s marriage.

After destroying the marriage and getting her friend sacked, Stacy then stole her job at ABN.

Adu Safowaah said she knows more secrets about Stacy but she doesn’t have time for her. She promised her that she would be sacked from ABN soon.

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Safowaah added that she would have a bigger career by now if Stacy had some real talent because she’s been in the industry so long. She called her an old lady who couldn’t even match Kofi Adoma. 

Safowaah has been on Stacy Amoateng’s case for a while. When Akua GMB was sacked by her husband from both their marriage and her job at ABN with Stacy Amoateng replacing her, Safowaah bravely came out and called Stacy Amoateng a snitch.

We’re not privy to all that happened in that situation but the way Stacy just took over Akua GMB’s job, her supposed friend, would always be a bad move.

Watch video below: