Delay Shows Off Her ‘Ghost’ Boyfriend, Ghanaians React | Photo

Radio and television personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso widely called Delay celebrates Boyfriend’s Day as she flaunts her ‘ghost’ boyfriend making Ghanaians astounded.

Today, Saturday, 3 October happens to be Boyfriend’s Day which is celebrated annually across the globe.

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Delay took that celebration serious and decided to prank her followers knowing well that Ghanaians do not care about ‘Boyfriends Day’ whilst other parts of the world do.

Delay shared a blank picture and sent a warming message to her boyfriend of which she is yet to officially reveal him on her social media platforms.

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While sharing her ‘ghost’ boyfriend, she wrote:

Happy boyfriend/ husband day babe. Love you 

See screenshot below:

Actually, the blank picture mostly comes when one opens Instagram App and has a poor connection. When it happens that way, one has to wait for the picture to load before sighting on what a follower has posted.

Delay got many curious Ghanaians waiting hours for the picture to load meanwhile it was a blank post.

See below some reactions from Ghanaians:

Singer Feli Nuna wrote “My network is giving me issues.. It’s not loadiiiiiinnggg!!! Gotta change my phone.. I need to see him… Infact I’m porting my network… any one with Wi-Fi??? wrote “Delay got us all delaying for the picture to load. She has Delayed US”.

bvanjohnson also wrote “Only God knows how long I waited for it to load”

brimag_cosmetics also wrote “You can worry oo, I feel bad for those still waiting for the picture to load”. earlier pressed when Ghanaian ace television host, Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay has finally agreed to show off her boyfriend to the world for the first time.

Deloris Frimpong after years of not showing off the man she’s dating has finally created an Instagram page for her family.

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According to her, her well known page is just for business purposes but her recent page on Instagram is mainly for stuff like posting her husband, child and other family members.

She wrote “Follow my new page @delay_ghana ….I want to share my family pictures there … my husband and stuffs like that. So I can handle business related stuff on here!!!” ,click here to read more.

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