A Nigerian Poet Discloses How His Girlfriend Broke Up With Him Because He Cooked Better Than Her (Photo)

Chuka Phillip-Johnson, a well-known poet and an editor at Dutch Review has disclosed how his girlfriend decided to end their relationship because he can cook better than her.

According to him, his girlfriend felt he had taken away what actually define her as a woman.

However, this should not have been a big deal for her because she could have used that as a good opportunity to learn more from him.

He made this revelation on his twitter account in a reply to a question a user asked on Twitter.

A Twitter user asked.

“Have y’all ever dated someone that was jealous of you?”

Chuka stated in his reply:

“Yeah, it was a Nigerian lady. She felt somehow threatened and was extremely jealous when she found out I could cook (better than her). She was one of those girls raised in a traditional home, where cooking is a woman’s job. She used to call the kitchen, ‘her office’.

“Since I love to cook, and wanted to cook almost all the time, she said I had succeeded in taking away one of the things that made her a woman. It was a very weird dating phase and didn’t last that long. Imagine someone breaking up with you because you cook better than her. Lool.”

post by: Hadjira for thedistin.com.
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