Ibrah One And His New Girlfriend Outdoor Their Love As They Kiss Passionately Inside 4syte Tv | Video

Ibrah One and his new girlfriend after his wife, Khadija divorced him have officially confirmed their love as they lock lips inside the studio of 4syte Tv.

The two lovers could be seen beaming at each other while cameras were all around them inside the studio-mansion of 4syte Tv.

Watch video below:

This comes after Thedistin.com reported on the Young controversial businessman, Ibrahim Daouda usually called by his nickname, Ibrah 1 threw a bombshell at his ex-wife, Khadija

Ibrah One showed off his new girlfriend when they first made public appearance at an event.

Ibrah One graced the private unveiling party organized by Kojo Jones for his niece who won this year’s miss universe Ghana, Chelsea Tayui held at West Trasacco.

Upon Ibrah One’s arrival, he was seen with a mysterious gorgeous lady and their personal contact strongly reveals the two are going out after his relationship with Khadija hit the rock, watch video of Ibrah One and his new girlfriend that trended here.

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Now, the millionaire has shared an image of his girlfriend whose name is not yet revealed while she was inside his bedroom in mansion at East Legon.

Ibrah One while sharing the picture captioned it with “goodnight”.

After the young millionaire flaunted her girlfriend on the internet and followed by her bedroom picture, he blasted his ex-wife Khadija.

Ibrah One called Khadija a cockroach when gushing over the beauty of his new girlfriend. He also revealed that he had wasted his precious time with Khadija.

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From the caption Ibrah One gave while sending shades at his former wife, he meant to reveal that his current girlfriend is the type of woman every man needs.

Ibrah One wrote “If you meet some women in your life, you will realize you have wasted your life with some cockroaches: get yourself some women who will equally spend on you”, see pictures here

post by: Dwomoh Dennis for thedistin.com.
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