Nana Kwame Bediako Releases His ‘The African Dream’ (The man with the audacity to build The New Africa) Documentary | Video

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A Ghanaian-born industrialist, Freedom Jacob Caesar is calling in Africans to take control of their narrative to ensure a holistic and accelerated development through unity in his much anticipated documentary called the African Dream

According to the founder of the Freedom Movement, the image of the continent has been portrayed in a negative light for too long. He, however, believes the youth have the potential to set the record straight through effective leadership and the will power to go beyond the ordinary.

He made these comments over a Zoom conference with journalists and other media personnel where he threw light on some initiatives set to be undertaken by the Movement with the aim of boosting the morale of Africans to strive for excellence.

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Popularly known as Cheddar, Mr. Caesar also added that it is time for Africans to promote their own talents to the world, a deficiency that Freedom believes must be bridged.

“I see it as a huge gap. We Africans, media moguls, business entrepreneurs, visionaries and all of that must work on bridging that gap. That is one of the doors I would like to open,” he added.

The First Installation of the African Dream. The African Dream chronicles the hopes of an entire continent and showcases the exemplary story of a great son of the land.

It captures Freedom Jacob Caesar (FJC), the Neo Pan-Africanist alter ego of Nana Kwame Bediako, a wealthy, African visionary, an industrialist and nation builder who has embarked upon an ordained mission of building a united New Africa, bridging it to the rest of the world.

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FJC is personified as a spirit, a myth and a unique African ancestral identity. It has a unique plot twist, that also showcases the tangible works of Nana Kwame Bediako who has single-handedly redefined the skylines of Ghana and built an extensive portfolio of business successes.

Freedom Jacob Caesar’s documentary dubbed The African Dream (The man with the audacity to build The New Africa) pushes the boundaries of youth continental on the continental front.

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He explained that “I am trying to create something ion Africa, made by Africans, distributed by Africans, amplified by Africans and shared among Africans.”

The industrialist posited that the circumstances surrounding this year has presented the springboard for the African youth to leapfrog into the future with great prospects.

“Going forward in 2020, the world has opened widely in the sense that technology is providing them with speed,” he said.

He also expressed the need for a vibrant youth to make the effect the change that Africa seeks to see.

“I’m just a blueprint of what I believe Africa has been lacking in the past century in terms of being a visionary, an industrialist and entrepreneur and being able to cross the boundaries with the continent.”

According to him, this kind of mindset will generate revenue, wealth and stability.

“I want to be able to share this template with most Africans… I support the African dream with the proof of my own achievement and how I have turned an organisation around to build an empire out of that by just being in Africa.”

Freedom Jacob Caesar is also expected to roll out a podcast to share insight on the intricacies of life and sharing experiences that will uplift the African populace in all facets of life.

The Freedom Movement has over the past few months made substantial donations to the less privileged in Ghana to alleviate the plights of persons whose livelihoods had been hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, this and many more were stated in his documentary.

Watch video below: