Joana Gyan: Keche Andrew’s Wife Shows How She Hustles To Earn $700m Yearly | Photos

Joana Gyan, hardworking wife of Ghanaian singer, Keche Andrew shares pictures of herself with her clients at her mining site.

Chief executive officer of Golden Empire Legacy and owner of other 14 businesses, Joana Gyan has for the past few days trended online after she shared her struggles and success story with the world.

On 10th April, Joana Gyan was the guest on Delay’s Show and a statement she made about her annual income got many tongues wagging online.

Speaking to Delay on the latest episode of Delay Show, Joana Gyan revealed that she makes $65m monthly and $700m annually from gold export.

After she revealed the above information and more about herself, she was criticized as a scammer with some referring her as the “second coming of NAM1”.

Joana Gyan has finally heard the critics her fellow women and men have been saying behind her and has reacted. Joana Gyan toolmaker her Instagram page to advise her haters to work hard to become successful people than being lazy and envious of her success, click here to read her replies. had earlier publish on her her when photos and videos of the heavy mansion owned by the businesswoman surfaced online.

In her mansion which she lives in with her husband, Keche Andrew and her relatives, it has a big swimming pool, a Cue Sports centre, a huge parking space with luxurious interior.

Well, to her critics who only thought she was bragging about earning $700m, these photos and videos below will definitely serve as an evidence to back her claims, click here to see Joana Gyan’s mansion and cars.

In the pictures, she can be seen very dirty like a destitute meanwhile she owns a million dollar mansion, cars and a record label.

See the pictures below and get inspired:

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