Two Students Stabbed As Robbers Invade UCC Campus | Video

Students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) are living in fear after armed robbers invaded their campus and stabbed two students on Monday night.

Videos have popped up showing the chaotic scenes during the attack.

According to Zion Felix who received the message from the students of the university, they begged him to push the information to reach authorities in Ghana.

Below is the message Zion Felix shared while sharing the video of the chaotic scenes from UCC.

Robbery on UCC campus.

I woke up this dawn to read two messages from two UCC students reporting a robbery which happened on campus just hours ago.

One read “Hello Zion, please Ucc students lives matter.

Armed robber’s have invaded our lecture halls to stab two students. The time was 11:50 PM to 12:00am

The security here is very poor. Please help us so the government can hear this.

Please hide my account
Our lives matter’s, saveuccstudentsnow”

And the other lady also wrote

“Good morning
Please I’m a level 300 students in UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST
We’ve been asked to return to school to finish up the semester and since we got to campus,things are just messy.

Libraries are being closed early
No shuttles or taxi operating in the evening which makes us feel unsafe especially returning late to our hostels after learning.

The management are just over looking everything going on.

No new executives have been voted into power too so there’s no one to use as a channel amongst us.

Just yesterday there was a robbery case and I was in the same lecture theatre.. We feel threatened please.

The management isn’t ready to hear us and put down some measures.
Please help us report this to Ministry of Education and if possible the government 🥺

God bless you so much .🙏🏾”

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