6 Photos Of The Lady Selly Galley Cursed After She Called Her Horror And Barren Pops Up

post by: Collins for thedistin.com.
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Here are 6 pictures of the lady who called actress Selly Galley barren adding that she looks like a horror when she shared no makeup pictures of herself

Earlier this lady decided to mock Selly Galley on social media a few minutes after she shared no make-up pictures of her face.

According to the lady, she has a horror face and she is a barren woman.

Social media user, Henewaa Piesie has been cursed by actress Selly Galley for teasing her and making mockery of her with her inability give birth.

Selly reacted to this harsh comment and she decided to curse her and her entire generation. Click here to read more on that story

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Meanwhile, thedistin.com decided to look for the lady who used such ugly comments on her fellow woman.

Below are some of her pictures and we are even wondering why she spoke about someone’s beauty