Unedited Makeup Face Of Cindy Ofori Sarpong Gets Her Being Heavily Trolled On Social Media | Photos

Dr. Ernest Ofori Sarpong’s daughter, Cindy Ofori Sarpong has been seriously trolled on social media after a picture of her raw makeup face which was not edited started to trend on social media.

None is so perfect and in truth, each one of us has something about us that we would do whatever it takes to hide from the rest of the world.

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That is why many ladies, (myself very much included) go to great lengths all in the name of achieving that perfect body or flawless skin and face.

That is why we filter our pictures, we undergo surgeries and adorn our faces with heavy makeup. We want to cover all the blemishes and look perfect not just for ourselves but for the world.

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With all that said, most times, people still find it hard to come to terms with that. They would stop at nothing to troll and make a mockery of anyone who by a slim chance messes up with that.

That apparently is the case of the new Mrs in town, the daughter of Dr. Ofori Sarpong who recently got married.

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From a picture shared by the infamous page on Instagram called Those-Called-Celebs, Cindy’s face is not as perfect and flawless as we have seen in the pictures that have gone viral and for some reason, the person behind the account thinks it is funny.

We don’t know what people expected, pictures are heavily edited, and most often than not, what we see do not come close to the real pictures.

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And looking at the picture, it was probably taken after she had moved about a lot or even an old picture.

We see no reason why this should be funny or surprise anyone at all.

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See the picture below:

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Obaapa #ciri2020 😉😉😊😊😊😋❤🤔💞

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Below are how some netizens’ reaction to the picture:

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