Classmate Of The Lady Selly Galley Cursed Reveals How She Slept With Men For Money, Her Real Name And More

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A Male Senior High School classmate of Henewaa Piesie, the lady actress Selly Galley cursed reveals more secrets about her

According to him, Henewaa’s real name is Lois and they attended the same SHS together.

He alleged that Henewaa went to Arab to sleep with men for money and when she came back to school she deceived everyone that she had traveled to Germany.

He also revealed how Henewaa used to bully her mates at school and lived like a real life “witch” who tormented her mates at school that they became scared of her.

I am not surprised about Lois at all. She has always been a bitter girl who enjoys tormenting others. She is the definition of a real witch because back at high school she was rejected by everyone. Everyone was scared of her because she was a bully and had a vile mouth that could literally make you commit suicide.. I hope her scuffle with Selly Galley makes her change for the better

He said

Meanwhile, the reason why Selly angrily cursed her yesterday 14th October 2020 was that she called her barren and a horror.

This was after she shared a no makeup pictures of herself under which Henewaa commented

The main reason why Selly cursed her was she has been praying for a child after five years of marriage so her saying that brought her more pain and sorrow.