Beef Alert: Archipalago Blast Hajia Bintu On Social Media | Here’s Why

Controversial social media critic cum musician Archipalago descends on Ghanaian TikToker Hajia Bintu on social media

It all started when Archipalago commented on a post shared by Hajia Bintu on social media where he said she does not look as beautiful as she claims

The comment didn’t go down well with the Tiktok celebrity so she sent him a private messaged telling him how she feels

Why do you intend to insult, have you met me before, or have you created human being before, I didn’t say I am beautiful, I hope you have gotten what I wanted

He said

However, Archipelago screenshot the message and posted it that the Tiktok star wants him to make her famous.

Palago continued to share two photos of Hajia Bintu indicating that one of the pictures she has online is different from her real face.

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