Ivan Kituuka: Manager Of Housing Finance Bank Shot Dead After He Was Caught Bonking Somebody’s Wife

A sad story has been trending online from Uganda after, Ivan Kituuka, the manager of Housing Finance bank, a Ugandan commercial bank has been shot dead after he was caught in the act seriously bonking a married woman at a place that seems like a hotel.

According to the information obtained, a woman’s husband named Mr. Sozzi, who obviously knew all of these things, when his wife had a sexual affair with her boss, Ivan, earlier, warned her to stay away from her wife.

Mr Ssozi obviously not wanting to tarnish Mr Ivan’s hard-earned reputation kept to himself his wife’s infidelity and a step further wrote a two paged letter to him[Ivan] warning him to leave his missus.

Mr Ssozi clearly stated in the warning letter that he will shoot Ivan Kituuka in the head if he ignores the threats and still bonks his lovely wife named Dorothy Nametubi Ssozi.


Letter 2
Letter 2

All these series of warnings fell on deaf ears as Ivan went ahead to continually enjoy the vajayjay of Sozzi’s wife without any fear of losing his life, forcing the husband to carry out his deadly plan.

Unfortunately for the Housing Finance bank, about 3 unknown assailants stormed his house one evening ordered him to lie down and shot him with over 10 bullets in the head.


post by: Dwomoh Dennis for thedistin.com.
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