Drogba Of Yolo Fame Finally Speaks After Cyril Named His Son With His Girlfriend, Eyram

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“Just know we dey your back”— John Peasan known In Yolo as Drogba jumps on the defense of Aaron Adatsi aka Cyril amidst breaking the rules of abstinence from sex and naming his son with his model girlfriend, Eyram

On Saturday, 17 October Yolo Television series superstar, Aaron Adasti named his son with his beautiful model girlfriend, Eyram, click here to watch videos.

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The ceremony was held at a coded location however, it was graced by the presence of ace actors, Adjetye Anang and Prince David Osei as well as the producer of Yolo series, Mr. Ivan Quashigah.

If you can recall, Aaron Adatsi played a good-boy character in Yolo. He was always seen in the movie preaching abstinence from s3x and advising his friends in the movie.

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The news on Aaron Adatsi’s naming ceremony of his child with his girlfriend, Eyram became shocking to many as they revealed that he had failed to walk his talk as the ambassador of abstinence, click here to read some of the trolls that circulated on social media about Aaron and his child.

Aaron Adatsi has spoken for the first time after social media started trolling him, his baby mama and their child, click here to see what he said.

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John Peasah, popularly known in Yolo as Drogba has finally reacted to the news on Aaron Adatsi naming his child.

Drogba’s reaction was around the trolls about Aaron Adasti not practicing what he preaches. According to Drogba, Aaron should forget about the trolls and move in life.

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Drogba while reacting for the first time shared some throwback scene with Aaron ‘Cyril’ in Yolo and told him him they (the Yolo stars) support him welcoming and naming his baby.

John Peasah sharing the video to comfort his brother, Aaron Adatsi wrote:

Bro forget everybody ..we’re all not prefect…anyone who think is perfect should cast the first stone …remember these words in Yolo …Just know we Dey your back …all the best bro❤️

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Watch video below: