Desmond Elliot Allegedly Chopping Lydia Forson, His Wife Catches Them Red Handed | Everything We Know

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Nigerian actor cum politician Desmond Elliot alleged of chopping award-winning Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson

According to an Instagram blogger Cutie Julls, Desmond has been sleeping with the actress Lydia Forson even after his wife caught him red-handed.

The blogger added that Victoria Elliot who’s Desmond’s wife warned Lydia to stay away from her husband.

Now all this started after, he accused Nigerian youth on social media for all what happened during the EndSars protest because one of them took the Oba’s staff.

He stood in the house of assembly to say that hoodlums stealing an Oba’s staff is enough to wipe a country off the surface of this earth and not personnel of the armed forces shooting at unarmed protesters.

A lot of Nigerians including Davido expressed their disappointment in what he said since he is gradually failing the youth.

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