Trotro Driver Who Met Shatta Wale At Hitz FM Gives SM Fans Free Ride (Video)

The driver who offloaded his passengers just to meet his favorite music star Shatta Wale has offered a 12-hour free ride for all Shatta Movement Fans on Monday 2nd November

Liman Akwara is the name of Shatta Wale’s fan who recently met him in the studio of Hitz FM and that moment was the best of his whole life

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He then decided to give a free ride to every passenger who will take trotro from the Accra-Newtown route said this is a way of appreciating his kind gesture.

Shatta Wale showed love by allowing me to see him so I’m also offering free rides to all passengers who will journey in my vehicle from Accra to Newtown and back, from the hours of 6 am to 6 pm

he said

Mr. Akwara was transporting a minibus full of passengers to Accra from Accra New Town on Friday when he made an abrupt stop in front of The Multimedia Group’s premises because he saw the musician entering the building.

After drawing the attention of members of Shatta Wale’s team, the starstruck driver was finally led to see the singer who was in the Hitz FM studio for an interview with Andy Dosty. Click here to read more on that story

Below is the video

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