Yawa: Boy Caught On Camera Videoing A Lady’s ‘Private Part’ In Trotro (Video)

post by: Collins for thedistin.com.
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Here is a viral video of a young boy caught on camera recording a lady with his phone while in trotro

A new video sighted online by thedistin.com sees a young guy in a trotro/bus busily videoing a female passenger silently.

It’s really awkward how someone will get time to be doing something like this in public and later upload it to a porn site.

This right here is evil and I wonder what the one videoing him want was also doing instead of telling him to stop, he was also busy doing the work of an undercover investigative journalist.

So what would he have said if he was questioned after he was caught, what excuse if going to justify this act.

Below is the video