EPA Suspends Disastrous Building At Ashaley Botwe – School Junction (Watch Video)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Ghana has suspended the construction of a disastrous building at Ashaley Botwe

Earlier today 16th Novemeber 2020, there was a viral picture of a tall building trending on social media.

Now based on how the building is looking so far, the people around the area where the building is located thus Ashaley Botwe has called on authorities to do something about it.

They have called on the authorities to make sure this particular building is pulled down because it looks like a ‘death trap’.

However according a representative of the EPA during an interview with Kwame Sefa Kayi, the construction of the building has been halted

He added that the owner of the said building does not have an EPA permit so there for its either he comes for the permit for proper construction to be done or the authorities will order for it to be demolished immediately.

Below is the video

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